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Mary Svenson, CDA
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Santa Tassel

santa tassel grsanta tassel red

4Photos - Instructions for painting and making the tassel

Acrylic - $8.00

Wooden Tassel



                    PALETTE: Jo Sonja Artist Colors by Chroma Acrylics
                            Titanium White               Gold Oxide
                            Red Earth             Napthol Red Light
                            Burnt Sienna                   Nimbus Grey
                            Sapphire             Unbleached Titanium
                            Storm Blue                      Brown Earth
                            Teal Green                       Moss Green
                            Carbon Black
                 JS Texture Paste Medium                         
JS Potting Shed Collection
    Geranium             Claret Rose
    JS Mediums
    Retarder and Antiquing Medium
    All Purpose Sealer
    Polyurethane Water Based Varnish - Matte, Satin, or Gloss

BRUSHES: JS 1360 #2 short liner,
JS 13 flats  #6,#10,# ½” and # ¾”,
or JS 1345 angle,
mop or Possibility Brush JS 1315 #1/2,
JS 1365 #5/0 Script Liner

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