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1 Photos -Full Color Step By Step
Acrylic - $9.00

Palette: Jo Sonja's® Chroma Acrylics Tubes (T) and Background Colors
Island Coral Tree Frog Green
Poppy Shamrock
Claret Rose Azure
Tiger Lily Harbor Blue
Marigold Lilac
Sunflower Desert Dawn
Mustard Seed Dioxazine Purple (T)
Paynes Grey (T)

Jo Sonja's®
All Purpose Sealer
Antiquing and Retarder Medium
Matte Polyurethane Varnish
Opal Dust

Jo Sonja's®
Short Liner Series 1360 Nos. 2 & 5
Oval Drybrush Series 2010 Nos. 2, 4, & 10*
Possibilities Series 1315 Nos. ¼*
Wash Series 1375 Nos. ½ & ¾
*Note: Both the Oval Drybrush and Possibility Brush can be use for a dry brush
technique. The Ovals work on a smooth or slightly textured prepped surface and the
Possibilities work best on a textured surface. The Ovals are a slightly stiffer brush
with smaller sizes. The Possibility brushes extend to larger sizes.

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